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Trainings & Retreats

North West


4 - 11 May 2024

A deep immersing into the Gong SPA sound, Therapy Sessions with Tibetan singing bowls, Energy Activation with Qigong and Yoga, Live Mantra music and drumming, Cacao Dance Ceremony and more in this beautiful spring time retreat.

North West

Agape Zoe Corfu Summer Festival

7 - 12 July 2024

Gift yourself with this precious time for yourself and join our sweet tribe of lovers, visionaries, musicians, dancers, healers, and sacred souls.

North West

Voice Medicine Singing Workshop

12 - 16 August 2024

Are you ready for a positive change in your life? You already have the power within you. Yes, it lies hidden in your unique voice.This is a Vocal Healing Circle workshop offered by the infamous American singer Joecelyn B. Smith.

North West

The Musical Gathering by SOUND & SILENCE

18 - 24 August 2024

Essentially a profound week-long sound healing journey, The Musical Gathering is a unique and elegant retreat that taps into the healing power of music and meditation. This one of a kind odyssey takes us on a quest to discover the potent medicinal qualities of music.

Retreat & Trainings of other Branches

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