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Trainings & Retreats

North West

Biodanza Holiday “Dancing between Heaven & Earth”

28- 31 August 2024

Biodanza strengthens the healing powers that arise from our movements and reconnects us to the natural state of openness, joy, love, tenderness, and nourishment on all levels.

North West

Corfu Contact Improvisation Festival

8 - 14 September 2024

Welcome to the 1st Land & Water Contact Improvisation Dance Festival on Corfu island! A gathering of exploration, improvisation, creativity and connection.

North West

Dance with Elements

10 - 12 September 2024

This is a fantastic chance to take a few days off for your body, mind and soul! With music, movement and encounters, we leave the daily grind behind, release stagnant energies and get back into the flow of life.

Retreat & Trainings of other Branches

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