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Ecstatic Dance


Contact Imrovisation

Body Mind Centering

Traditional Dance

Contemporary Dance


Water Dance

Private & Group Sessions

Ensoma: Embodied Wisdom

Zoe Valerie

Ensoma is a combination of dance and movement techniques, body/mind and therapeutic practices . Zoe offer movement classes as well as individual bodywork sessions. and contact, manual and massage practices.

Weekly Classes
Private Sessions

Ecstatic Dance

Christina Valeska

Join our community ecstatic dance every Sunday in Arillas at the beautiful Soundgarden with special DJ's! A safe and healing space to allow yourself to dance to your heart's delight.

Weekly Event

Contemporary Dance - Rythm & Flow

Paraskevi Terzi

Dance as an experience of union with the rythms and elements of nature. Contemporary movement, Rythm ,musicality and flow, Elemental dance, Embodiment through movement, Traditional greek dances

Private Sessions
Dance Retreats

Retreats & Trainings

North West

Agape Zoe Corfu Summer Festival

7 - 12 July 2024

Gift yourself with this precious time for yourself and join our sweet tribe of lovers, visionaries, musicians, dancers, healers, and sacred souls.

North West

Biodanza Holiday “Dancing between Heaven & Earth”

28- 31 August 2024

Biodanza strengthens the healing powers that arise from our movements and reconnects us to the natural state of openness, joy, love, tenderness, and nourishment on all levels.

North West

Corfu Contact Improvisation Festival

8 - 14 September 2024

Welcome to the 1st Land & Water Contact Improvisation Dance Festival on Corfu island! A gathering of exploration, improvisation, creativity and connection.

North West

Dance with Elements

10 - 12 September 2024

This is a fantastic chance to take a few days off for your body, mind and soul! With music, movement and encounters, we leave the daily grind behind, release stagnant energies and get back into the flow of life.

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