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North West

Corfu Buddha Hall


The Movement Gathering

~ A Dance, Yoga & Meditation Retreat

19 - 25 May 2024

We are delighted to welcome you to The Sound & Silence Spring Gathering , a dynamic movement, music and meditation retreat in Corfu from 19-25 May 2024.

On this artistic odyssey, we explore practices, techniques and themes which unlock creativity and open the heart.

"A Delightful, Transformational Process"

This retreat offers a playful & potent balance of:

  • High powered movement practices

  • Interactive workshops

  • Engaging educational classes

  • A variety of healing modalities

  • Abundance of healthy, delicious food

  • Peace and deep relaxation

  • Breathtaking natural beauty

  • Dance, Music & Meditation in abundance

Based on our original Sound & Silence Festival, we have taken a decade of gatherings and distilled/synthesized our experiences into one powerful formula: "Move - Listen - Be"

This profound journey focuses on the creative process, calling together highly skilled group facilitators and musical wizards who guide us through a week of discovery and artistic enchantment.

Along the way, we unlock some hidden gifts, learn some valuable new techniques, and (hopefully) come back to our own natural rhythms.

A variety of Yoga classes and morning practices welcome us to the start of every day, followed by equally diverse and transformational workshops and activities.

We keep the afternoons mostly free so you can integrate your experiences while also enjoying the beautiful beaches. Then at night, we reconvene to enjoy a mix of dances, performances and concerts.

"An Exquisite Retreat Requires A Special Location"

Our home for the week is the Corfu Buddha Hall, one of Europe's premier retreat centers. Spacious and sitting on a mountain top blanketed with olive and cypress trees, the Buddha Hall offers not only incredible views of mountain and sea, but a rare combination of excellent group spaces.

One of the only retreat centers in Europe that boasts a large air-conditioned indoor space, as well as a sizeable outdoor dance/music venue. You can be sure that we will make a lot of magic in both of them. This place is exquisite!

Side Note - while the Buddha Hall easily fits 100+ people, we are limiting our group size to 50 people, so that we can enjoy lots of space to fly around the dance floor!

All of this happens in the mythical north-west of Corfu at Arillas Beach, one of the worlds fastest growing wellness destinations. And it will not take long for you to see why - the place is magnetic and the energy there is simply divine.

Clean, beautiful beaches, a promenade full of great cafes and restaurants, and a relaxed, friendly vibe that seduces visitors to come back again and again. Many come for a week but never leave!

It's the perfect getaway for a purposeful holiday!


Autumn Price - 915 Euros
Winter Price - 1035 Euros
Spring Price - 1155 Euros

All prices include:

Sound & Silence (S&S) Pass - Access to all activities, classes, workshops, concerts, etc.

The Buddha Hall (BH) Retreat Package - Meals twice daily (breakfast & lunch) with one dinner provided on the opening evening, as well as one extra breakfast on the last day. Besides food, the BH Package also covers energy & maintenance costs, space fees and basic office assistance (ie. information on booking accommodation, airport transfers, local shuttle, car/scooter/bicycle rental etc).


Simple rooms in Arillas average €35-€45 per night, but more luxurious options can be found for €100 and more. Generally, the majority of our guests prefer to stay in the village near the beach where there is an abundance of accommodation options.

The Buddha Hall has a few simple rooms on the premises and they book fast. If you wish to stay at the Buddha Hall, please contact their office as soon as possible:

If you would like assistance booking a room in Arillas, we recommend Green Corfu, a local tourist office that  specializes in finding the best room for you. They take a small fee for this service:

Alternatively, you can search for yourself on, which has almost every hotel and B&B in the village listed on their website.

Two parts - Airport Transportation and Local Transportation.

Airport Transportation - Arillas is located about 1 hour drive from the airport, and an airport taxi is about €75 one way. It's a bit less if you pre-book an airport shuttle. It's considerably less if you share a taxi/shuttle with another participant. 3-4 weeks before the gathering starts, we always share shuttle contacts, and we also create a shared google spreadsheet to help you connect with other participants to share rides.

Local Transportation - The Buddha Hall is sitting on the tallest peak in the area, about 2.5kms from Arillas Beach. A local shuttle service is available, and can be booked for an additional cost (about €60 for the week). The shuttle only goes between the BH and Arillas Beach at fixed times, several times daily. For those who want more freedom and flexibility, we recommend people rent/share cars, scooters or electric bicycles.

We provide recommendations for good local transport contacts after you complete your booking.

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