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Singing Bowl Sound Massage

Birgit Prochnow
Private Sessions

Peter Hess Singing Bowl Sound Massage

During a singing bowl sound massage harmonious sounds and gentle vibrations create a space for deep healing relaxation.

Peter Hess is a pioneer of working with singing bowls in a therapeutic setting having developed the method with a scientific background and specific types of singing bowls corresponding with certain ares of the body over the course of now 40 years.

Up to three singing bowls are either moved or placed on or next to the body creating a circuit of vibrational energy flow in the body accompanied by the gentle sounds of the bowls.

The sound and vibrations travel throughout the body leading you to a state of connecting to a primal sense of trust where you let go, restore and rejuvenate in body and mind.

A full body sound massage lasts about an hour and takes place fully dressed in comfortable clothes.

An individual sound massage addresses your specific needs and intentions.

I am a professional singing bowl sound massage practitioner trained by Peter Hess himself, located at Fairground near Avliotes with a beautiful seaview room but I can also visit your home.

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