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Yoga & Yoga Therapy

Birgit Prochnow
Private Sessions

As a passionate bodyworker and trained in various traditions – classical and contemporary forms of Yoga and Yoga therapy, I create my individual blend on the grounds of this foundation.

Roots from the tradition of Sivananda merge with Vinyasa Flow, restorative and Yin Yoga elements to characterise my asana practice that can be gentle and calm, powerful thus challenging at times and is always accompanied by mudra, pranayama breathing and meditation.

Always respecting your uniqueness in individual alignment I offer you a nourishing abundance, a Yoga buffet for you to mindfully choose from and fully enjoy!

Group and private classes throughout the season on the terrace or inside at Fairground just outside of Avliotes. 


Yoga therapy addresses any personal issue or ailment from the common back pain to sleeping difficulties, menopause, migraine, ... any issue basically. I am designing an individual practise for you, including asana, postures and movement, pranayama, breathwork, mudra and meditation but also advice and suggestions on lifestyle and nutrition. Thus, I also like to integrate essential oils, cupping and other bodywork practises so this is a very holistic approach aimed at helping you restore balance and vitality in body, mind and soul.

(See more about my Massage & Bodywork Sessions here , as well as Peter Hess Singing Bowl Sound Massage sessions )

Apart from being trained in multiple yogic traditions and Iyengar Yoga therapy my healing movement approach is rooted in modern movement physiology mainly following the contemporary form of Ashtanga Yoga Innovation developed by Dr. Ronald Steiner.

Sessions take place inside or outside at Fairground near Avliotes.

During the season there are also regular open Yoga therapy classes covering different topics which are also beneficial as prevention, for Yoga teachers or if you simply want to learn more about healthy movement and your body.

For more information, availability and bookings: 
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