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Postnatal Massage / Birth Integration

Private Sessions

Besides my work as a Moon Mother®, I am specialized in giving postnatal massage (after Frauke Lippens) to mothers from two weeks after birth as a reintegration of the body and as part of the healing integration process of the birth for the newborn mother.

One can always receive her postnatal integration even when it’s months or decades after the actual birth of their children to enhance the birth integration process if at the time around birth this was not possible.

I also design postnatal massage rituals for women after a miscarriage, abortion or loss of the dream of motherhood. Or even as an integration after the birth of a creative project. I can include EDxTM in an integration session. 

We are all mothers and we all bear life in many ways. May the Mothers be nurtured.

For information on my Female Energy Balancing & Womb Healing sessions those please visit this page.

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