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Postnatal Massage / Birth Integration



My name is Helena, I am a Moon Mother® living in Arillas, trained according to the Worldwide Wombblessing practice developed by Miranda Gray. I offer the Womb Healing - Female Energy Balancing and the Womb Blessing.

I also host a Worldwide Wombblessing Group in Arillas.

Besides my work as a Moon Mother®, I am specialized in giving postnatal massage (after Frauke Lippens) to mothers from two weeks after birth as a reintegration of the body and as part of the healing integration process of the birth for the newborn mother.

I am the mother of two little boys, Orfeo and Eden. Together with my beloved partner Florian, I am founding a Rewilding Permaculture Healing/Art Residency in the backlands of Arillas.

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