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Esalen Massage & Intuitive Bodywork

Caludia van de Kamp
Private Sessions
"My nervous system has calmed down and I feel grounded again, with more space, clarity and lightness inside me."


Esalen Massage® & Bodywork, named after its place of origin Esalen in California (USA), is a deeply nourishing journey to reconnect with and ground yourself in your precious body and to calm down the nervous system.

Presence and loving mindfulness build trust and allow you to drop deep into your body. Nourishing touch in rhythm with your breath, and gentle yet powerful massage techniques release muscular hardening and open the space to release physical and emotional blockages. Long flowing strokes, gentle stretching, joint release and movements of the whole body create more space and flexibility. 

Esalen Massage® & Bodywork is less a "treatment" and more an intuitive dance and dialogue through the language of touch between giver and receiver. The energy flow harmonizes, self-healing powers are energized, and a new conscious and comfortable state of being can arise.


Above all, however, it is a touch from heart to heart; presence and loving attentiveness in the physical touch open gates to our heart and thus to our feelings, a deep letting go is possible when we entrust ourselves with heart and soul to another person.

Surrender to a yummy nourishing experience.

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