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Esalen Massage & Intuitive Bodywork


Caludia van de Kamp

I love touch, dancing, colors, animals and the sea.
Water is my element.
To surrender to the flow of life and to follow my heart with faith is always a reminder and a learning task.

I support you with all topics, around your physical and energetic body and in times where you feel stuck, where the old breaks away and the new is not yet tangible, where transformation and change is on the horizon, where energies need to be cleared and brought back into motion.

Besides my treasure box, my greatest gifts to the world are my calming and clearing presence, my humor and my way of experiencing life.

Since I was a little girl, I wanted to live on an island - it had to have a lighthouse. I have fulfilled this dream.

But I would never have thought that it would be a Greek island until my first visit to Corfu. Then I knew immediately: This is my place.

For forever? I don't know.

For most of the year I walk barefoot. For me, this is a main source of energy and a deep connection to Mother Earth. It has given my life a different,

decelerated rhythm and more mindfulness in everything I do.

My work is deeply influenced and guided by the power and energy of the elements earth, fire, water, air and spirit, which are so present here on the island.

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