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Body Mapping

Frida Lezius
Private Sessions

What is Body Mapping?

“Body Mapping is a journey to the most inside place, it is like coming home to yourself.”

Have you ever wanted to see through your own changing reality or wanted clarity on what truly makes you your best self? Do you desire to change the way you are going through life, but don’t know how? Body Mapping can take you straight to the centre of your truth. A unique combination of true experience and change of perspective offers you deep insight into your entire being.

A body map is a complete reading of your personal body and mind picture. It includes important aspects like:

  • Posture,

  • proportion,

  • body weight,

  • fitness,

  • energy levels and

  • mental emotional patterns, as well as

  • including personal history

Body Mapping facilitates you to see yourself clearly and to free your true natural potential by understanding why your body does what it does. In the process you will receive an original drawing and a complete “action plan” to progress towards balance and health. Body Mapping will give you the confidence to bring life into balance and flow.

What is the Body Map System?

The Frida Lezius Body Map System is a unique diagnostic and therapeutic wellness program which uses a combination of technologies to help bring bodies to wellness through connection and balance. The concepts in the Body Map System have been developed over more than 12 years by Frida, as she has brought together her unique set of talents and skills.

The Body Map System employs a unique “visioning” process in which Frida analyses posture, symmetry and energy flow. The process is highly experiential; she works closely with you to help you “vision” yourself, after which she will develop a step by step plan to bring the body system back into balance using a range of “tools” including yoga, remedial massage, breath work, posture training, art therapy and self-reflection. Frida’s unique talent in creating natural connection and her gift of “seeing” how a body is working mean that your experience of body mapping will result in a holistic wellness experience, bringing you back to balance and connection in your life. A Body Map provides a complete body assessment of your body, mind and spirit taking into account your posture, proportion, body weight and fitness, energy levels, chakras and the mental picture that shapes who you believe you are.

The Way Home ....

1.“The Experience”

The experiential part of the process will assist you to ‘GROUND’ yourself

deeply in your own body.

2. “The Map”

In making it visual you will KINDLY CONNECT to your body.

It gives you a chance to SEE YOURSELF CLEARLY and compassionately, as I see you. You can drop your own critical voice, that often distorts the own perception.

3. “The Game Plan” Here you will UNDERSTAND clearly how to connect more to absent parts, to balance posture and to connect to the inner core of strength.

YOU WILL RECEIVE A SOUND STRATEGY to step into the person you always wanted to be.

In linking the missing pieces like in a puzzle and in SEEING THE WHOLE PICTURE you are given the tools to heal and strengthen the “whole of you”. The Body Map can assist you to be your closest friend and passionate supporter. It is best to allow four to five days to complete the process, consisting of a pre-questionnaire, session 1 and session 2.

It is my passion to support you to connect to your true self.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me to ask for more information.

For more information, availability and bookings: 
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