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Zen Shiatsu & Deep Oil Massage

Private Sessions
North West

Zen Shiatsu

Balance Your Qi

Shiatsu is an over clothes, Japanese acupressure technique which literally means finger pressure. Shiatsu acts to balance Qi on the body’s energy channels, to promote your well- being, support good health and prevent illness. Its aim is to restore natural balance to the body and mind.

Qi is our life essence, the energy of our body, that keeps us alive. It flows through meridians, the energy channels of the body, a whole net around the body connecting organs with muscles, tissue and bones , from the inner body till the mind and spirit in us. Thoughts , tension, emotions and even physical action can create a blockage in our body and we experience it as stiffness, ache, pain in the body and also on an emotional level.

Deep Holistic Oil Massage


Holistic means to approach and treat the person as a whole, not just a tiered body, a trapped muscle, a headache or just a tension. The person who comes for a treatment is not a combination of symptoms but a living being with a personal point of view, specific body posture and structure with hers/his own thoughts and way of living. Each one of us is unique and needs its own approach. Working holistically is about honouring the body as an integrated system and witnessing the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the self. It’s a dance between the practitioner and the healed / receiver.

Deep Holistic oil massage it’s a combination of Swedish massage, Deep tissue techniques and TCM knowledge and personal experience from the practitioner to the receiver. It is a practise tailored for each one individually. Each treatment will bring something different, sometimes this means that deep work is appropriate and sometimes the body might respond well to gentle touch that facilitates a deeper letting go.

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