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Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and gentle Hatha Yoga

Sacha Heath
Private Sessions

I love to teach and practice yin yoga, restorative yoga and gentle hatha yoga. I share this practice in a way that encourages deep, relaxed, and powerful states of awareness as well as a feeling of fluidity, vitality and space within the body.

Weekly Laid back & gentle Yin Yoga Classes🦋

Nourish, rest & rebalance with the mindful & meditative practice of Yin.

Yin is a quiet, slow & cooling style of yoga that works to invite a calmer nervous system, healthier joints, more flexibility help release trauma throughout the body-mind, & promote healing throughout the fascia.

You are invited to work with all that is arising for you in the present & to reflect on your own inner wisdom

Session ends with a gentle mantra played live for you to listen to or sing with.

Every Thursday at 11am . Classes are held in a beautiful open air yoga shala.

Private sessions are a way to experience a session created especially for you- taking into consideration the exact needs of your body as well as any themes in your emotions or your life in general that you wish to reflect upon, transform or encourage.

My approach to yoga is to find the space where meditation, reflection and embodiment meet.

Join me for a session and uncover the bliss within :)

For more information, availability and bookings: 
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