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Touch of Light - Therapy for Rebalancing

Philippe Nirav
Private Sessions

Certified in Rebalancing, Craniosacral Balancing and Diamond Bodywork, Philippe Nirav is the co-founder of “Touch of Light”: a unique bodywork technique combining Rebalancing, Craniosacral Balancing and Diamond Bodywork.

He gave thousands of sessions at the International Academy of Healing Arts in Pune, India, and has over 30 years’ experience. He has trained in Japan and South Korea.

His approach to healing is both scientific and holistic; a melting of bodywork and meditation where body-mind-spirit is addressed as a whole.


“Meeting Nirav has made my 4 weeks  special, not just because of the sessions we had but also because he is a special person, with deep insight and understanding, integrity and humility. I have had 5 sessions with him, each one unique and in each one meeting me in the place where I was most available and needed to be met, whether it was on a physical, emotional or subtle, even spiritual level. Everyone I was with also had sessions with him and I can unreservedly say that he is deeply available to what is, in a non judgemental way. His understanding of the body, how it might hold trauma and what might be needed for healing seems very thorough and deep.” Angelika, psychotherapist, London, October 2021

“I had a session from Nirav, expecting nothing much. I had been in pain since 8 months with a frozen shoulder and thought I had tried about everything. Nirav put me on the table and the whole session was very gentle. He didn’t seem to do much but he had a definite and impressive confidence. At some point I fell asleep. When I got up I shrug this way and that way the pain was gone and the range of movement was back to normal for the first time in months. I could not believe it. That was 6 weeks ago and the pain never came back I consider Nirav a rare healer and I summoned him to keep sharing his gift.” Charly, Iyengar Yoga Instructor, Berlin, May 2018

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