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The Yoga of Life:

Sacha Heath
Private Sessions

Yoga does not end with the yoga mat & the more we can integrate & dive in to our truth the greater our capacity to live our life to the full.

The Yoga of Life is a coaching process to help you move towards your goals, overcome blocks, & help you find clarity, balance and fulfillment.

We can dive in to 7 important areas of your life:

Stability: Home & Finance

Creativity: Inspiration & Fun

Purpose: Service & Life's Passion

Heart: Emotions & Relationships

Authenticity: Truth & Communication

Intention: Intuition & Law of Attraction

Integration: Gratitude & Bringing it all together

In our sessions I use active listening to get the heart of what you really mean and then use a series of, insightful questions to help you explore things & find your own perfect answers, your own solutions & your own truth.

Through our sessions we will use key principles we find in yoga philosophy combined with more modern approaches like coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique and NLP.

We can arrange individual sessions or the full Yoga of Life 7 week Package to dive deep and unlock your full potential.

If you feel stuck in some way and hungry to make a real change then this is for you!

For more information, availability and bookings: 
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