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Sound Healing Journeys

Andreea Bezdedeanu
Private Sessions
Group Sessions

Sound Healing Journeys - Individual/Couple sessions & Group sessions

SOUND HEALING JOURNEYS are a calming, meditative, yet powerful Therapy that combines different Healing Sounds, Tones, Instruments & the Voice, in improving your overall WELL-BEING by creating a beautiful experience where all layers of your body are awakened in a gentle & loving way.     

Working with FREQUENCIES brings the body back into a Healthy & Harmonious state of BALANCE. Dysregulation (dis-ease) in the body is a result of the natural RESONANCE being out of tune or off balance, due to stress, illness, or environmental factors.

Profound relaxation is a significant benefit of SOUND HEALING, which helps OPEN, CLEAR, & BALANCE the chakras, meridians, organs & cells of any stuck energy or dis-harmonic frequencies that may affect the normal function of our bodies.     

SOUND HEALING helps with: relaxation, balancing brain hemispheres,reducing & eliminating pain, clearing stuck energies emotions, anxiety, tension, stress, and PTSD, increasing vitality, energy flow, creativity,intuition & motivation, removing toxins & blockages, strengthening theimmune system, improving the quality of sleep.


It is a beautiful concept that was birth into the World, unexpectedly, from a sense of Play, Openness, Curiosity & the desire to share an Experience with people that will bring more Value, Contribution, Change & HELP them Reconnect with their Inner Truth & that Power they have within so that they can CREATE & Design their lives as they want to, have more FREEDOM of being themselves and more EASE & JOY in everything that they do!     

This beautiful Journey is an Alchemy of different modalities & techniques that have a very potent effect on our Minds (Conscious & Subconscious Minds, Emotions), Bodies & Souls (the unseen parts of our BEing, the Superconscious Mind, our Energy Bodies, our Bio-field) to Bring it back to BALANCE, to Support us in LETTING GO of everything that doesn't suit us, that isn't Healthy for us, that Conditions us & Holds us back from Being -Who We Truly Are - and having the total Freedom to CHOOSE How we want our life to BE like?     

All the experiences are UNIQUE in their own way, as every time a Different element Merges with the Calming, Nourishing & Healing SOUND Frequencies of the Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Chimes, Ocean Drum, Wing Gong, and Crystal Tuning Fork CREATING a symbiotic powerful container where deep Healing can occur.     

The methods that fuse with the Sound Frequencies are: Hypnotherapy, Access Consciousness, Symbols & Tones from Keylontic Science, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Quantum Healing Techniques.  Modalities that have a Powerful effect on our bodies, mind & field.     

They can help with deep RELAXATION, calm the mind & nervous system, balance brain hemispheres, release stress, tension or stuck energy, reprogram the subconscious mind & let go of limiting thought patterns & POVS, regain vitality, motivation, focus, deep & quality sleep, improve immune system, relieve pain, activate dormant DNA, elevate consciousness & sensory perception, bring more ease & flow, enhance happiness & joy of living and improve our overall WELL-BEing!

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