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Singing, Voice Coaching, Sound-Massage

Igor Ezendam
Private Sessions
Weekly Sessions
Individual Sessions

Personal Coaching, dealing with all the emotions that want a voice. An outside view of your life in a living mirror. Pick any theme and we'll work it with you.

Voice Coaching

Suitable for singers who want to get into overtones, and people who have never sung, looking to free their expression. No need for prior experience!

The 'natural' approach Igor proposes helps to remember how to relax, encouraging you to stay connected and allow yourself to express your vocal and vital potential.

Each meeting is an exploration of various aspects of the voice in an experimental and, rare and precious, safe space to learn to express yourself fully! Individual sessions are perfect for developing and expanding ones vocal ability. You will be encouraged to allow your potential to express by learning to relax, suspending your judgement, creating and accepting your personal sound.

To deepen our work with the voice or to overcome old traumas and fears related to the voice, it helps to have a guide on the way.

Learning to sing is to learn to listen and manage one's emotions. Singing becomes a tool for self-healing. The voice grows and becomes bigger and suddenly you're no longer the same person :)

Remember that it has truly been proved that no one is out of tune, but that there are people who are more confident in their expression. Let's leave judgment on ourselves and on others behind, accepting any sound we emit without being ashamed, shall we?

Beginners can explore:

  • Vocal freedom, courage and authenticity

  • Singing from the Heart

  • Learn vocal harmonic singing techniques

  • Develop the breath

  • Feel and clear emotions through sound

  • Expand consciousness and focus

Advanced students can develop

  • Singing harmonic melodies

  • Integration of sound healing into the music making process

  • Intuitive self-diagnostics with harmonics

  • Space clearing through harmonics

  • Channeling of healing sound

Sound Massage

"The concept of feeling sound, to feel sound inside the body, is integral to my work. During sessions, concerts and workshops i want to experience, together with you, the beneficial effects of sound: to feel it vibrate in our body and do it's good work.
Through the years i've developed this soundmassage with didgeridoo (the australian windinstrument), vocal harmonics and percussion. I find it very effective in helping to release the body memory."

Soundmassage, as proposed by Igor Olivier Ezendam since 2002, is an effective method for deep relaxation. In these sessions the sound of the didgeridoo and harmonic singing are applied in a gentle way to the body.

A one-hour individual session may give the person total relaxation and a great sense of well being, opening new dimensions to the ear and the heart. Soundmassage brings you to a meditative state in a natural way.

The vibrations of the didgeridoo, this ancient ritual wind instrument of the Australian Originals, gently massage the tissues of the body, helping to dissolve physical and emotional tensions.

Overtone singing a shamanic singing technique where a second melody line, so called 'harmonics' are created in the voice, a particular sound that recalls a high pitched flute. A personal harmonic song has surprising effects on the energy body.

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