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Pranayama and Omflow Breath Journeys

Birgit Prochnow
Private Sessions
Weekly Classes

At Fairground Avliotes you find regular pranayama and meditation classes introducing an array of techniques, like the Maha Kumbhakas, the Ashtanga Pranayamas etc. .

On a regular basis I host Omflow breath journeys, 2 hour workshops focussing on different themes:

The breath creates and is connection, in the body inside-outside, right-left, up-down, between body and mind, between you and your environment.

This session is more of a journey to experience and curiously explore than breath"work" - gently nourishing, pleasurably enjoyable beyond want and need. By engaging in a playful way, you connect intuitively and discover the power and qualities of your breath. A lot can show up: thoughts and images, memories, emotions, light and shadow, and you entrust all of this to your breath.

The effects of such a trip can be various, the best thing is to consciously feel connection and connection with everything that is without expectation, perhaps you will be left with a feeling of clarity and trust, perhaps full of energy and zest for action or perhaps calmly relaxed, everything is welcome.

We begin to awaken the body, prepare it, before we embark on a breathing journey - sitting or lying, motionless - for about 75 minutes, accompanied by voice, touch, essential oils and a professional DJ soundscape, all of which can be invitation and inspiration be to openly surrender to your breathing and experience an intuitive flow.

We close meditatively in silence, tracing the effect and an optional sharing.

Participate if you feel healthy, contraindications include recent operations, severe and acute diseases of the respiratory system, cardiovascular system and mental illness, glaucoma, pregnancy.

If in doubt, consult a doctor and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

For more information, availability and bookings: 
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