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Painting & Creating

Annika Peissert
Private Sessions
Ag. Stefanos
Come to my bright, friendly art studio in Agios Stefanos Avlioton and express yourself!

The well-equiped studio offers various techniques you can choose from to express yourself in a creative way e.g. acrylic paints, soft and oil pastels, aquarells, stencils, gel printing, dot-painting, collage and more.

Whether you have any experience in painting or not, is not relevant – everybody is welcome...and by the way: Everybody is able to express oneself through painting und creating.

With my several years experience as a self-taught artist, following always my intuition while painting, I will guide you through your creative process.

The way you will experience painting and creating with me is freeing, joyful and light- hearted, free of one ́s own or others ́expectations on a possible outcome of the creative process. It is about the expereince, about the joy of doing, of the colours, of painting and creating.

*15 EUR / hour incl. material for a painting on paper size B4 or comparable (other painting surfaces and formats can be purchased in the studio).


The studio offers every second week space to become creative on a theme and to dedicate oneself to it more intensively. The magic of the workshop is working in a group. Everyone works on their own, but: encouraged by the energy of the other participants, a wonderful space for creativity is created.

Workshop topics are for example: art journaling, meditative mandala, collages, intuitive faces, power animals, illustrating cards, and much more.

Pre-booking for the workshops is appreciated.

For more information, availability and bookings: 
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