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Kambo, Medicine from the Amazon

Private Sessions


Treatment of Kambo, medicine from the Amazon forest of Brazil.

Since ancient times in the jungle this traditional medicine can be used as a treatment for many different diseases and also as a efficient way of preparing people of the tribe for hunting, by cleaning the organs, awakening the senses and strengthen the immune system.

Nowadays it can be used at different levels to prevent and heal mental, emotional and physical disorders and diseases, even in their most advanced manifestation in the body, good to be received especially during the changing of seasons to strengthen the immune system

A full circle work with the medicine of Kambo is recommended. It implies a series of 3 treatments during three consecutive days or in a period of moon cycle (28 days). This allows a deeper process of cleaning, clearing and alinement (both physical and psychical).

In case of chronic diseases it is also possible to create a diet and a longer period of treatment with the medicine of Kambo.


Kambo is the venomous secretion of Phyllomedusa bicolor (the giant leaf or monkey frog), a bright green tree frog native to the Amazon For use, it’s directly applied to specially made skin burns.

Kambo has a range of traditional and potential therapeutic applications, both medical and psycho-spiritual. It’s recognized as one of the strongest antidepressant, analgesic, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory substances found in nature and works through the lymphatic system to help people get rid of heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, parasites and certain bacteria, viruses and fungi.

While originally used by tribes mainly to lift “Panema” (bad luck or dark energy), malaria, snake bites, infections, to increase energy, sexual attraction and “Hunting Magic”, the powerful peptides in Kambo outside of the forest have proven to be highly beneficial in cases of depression, anxiety, Lyme’s disease, chronic fatigue, arthritis, diabetes, candida, Alzheimer’s, blood pressure and hormonal issues as well as HIV.

Outside of traditional contexts, the dissipation of panema is framed in terms of “clearing the pain body,” “realigning the chakras,” or re-organising personal psychology.

The purge itself may be felt as an expulsion of bad thoughts, habits, negative personality traits, or persistent life problems.

A profoundly transformational tool, kambo is known to increase compassion, courage, emotional stability, and personal sovereignty.

Frustration, anger, and anxiety also tend to clear. These positive changes may last several days or several months, depending on the application and the person receiving it.

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