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Female Energy Balancing - Womb Healing

Private Sessions
Group Sessions

The Womb Healing – Female Energy Balancing helps a woman to strengthen, clear and harmonize her cycle energies and is designed to:

* Replenish depleted archetypal energy centres so we feel whole and comfortable with all aspects of our self.

* Help to harmonise the flow from one archetype / phase to the next so we flow gracefully through the changes of our cyclic nature, whether in association with the menstrual cycle or the lunar cycle.

* Energize the three main female energy centres, including the womb energy centre, bringing feelings of wholeness, stress relief and being centred, safe and empowered within our femininity again.

* Clear blocks that restrict our archetypal energies so that we live a richer version of our femininity, accessing the creativity, sexuality, intuition, clarity, wisdom and spirituality that lies in our authentic nature.

It is also ideal to help support our peri-menopausal and post-menopausal period as we go through the archetypal energy changes which transform us into the ultimate stage of female life development.

The Womb Healing – female energy balancing is a gentle and relaxing hands-on healing sequence given by a trained Moon Mother who focuses the Divine Feminine energy used in the Worldwide Womb Blessing in a series of hand positions on the three main female energy centres (different to the chakra system) and on specific energy points on the female body that relate to the energies of the four archetypes: The Maiden, the Mother, the Enchantress and the Crone.

I work with the cycles of the moon and integrate the power of its current phase into the weaving of each session. If you have a specific topic you’d like to receive the Womb Healing for, the benefit of using the power of the Moon in her actual phase is that your intention for the session is magnified by the current lunar phase and increases the healing potential. The New Moon phase, for example, is a perfect time to plant new seeds in our Heart, Womb and the Soil of our Imagination. The Full Moon phase is great for celebrating our womb space and Sacred Femeninity , practice gratitude and letting go of certain topics or patterns related to our womb space.

I also offer Postnatal Massage & Birth Integration seesions. For more information on those please visit this page.

Worldwide Womb Blessing Community in Arillas.

“Five times a year, thousands of women worldwide connect to each other.They connect to walk a path of female healing and a return to their long-forgotten authentic femininity through the Worldwide Womb Blessing® meditation”

The Worldwide Womb Blessing is an international meditation and energy attunement designed specifically for women to bring healing and awakening into their lives and into the world.

It is a distant group-based energy activity, where the healing and awakening is focused on the energies and soul patterns of the group of women taking part at a particular chosen time and where women are connected through a global Womb-Link.

We gather each Worldwide Womb Blessing  in a Sacred Circle somewhere in Arillas. We do the meditations and receive the Blessing together and afterwards we have a Sharing Circle and we sing Sacred Femininity and Moon Mantras. 

The Worldwide Womb Blessing attunement helps us to: 

  • to feel centred deep in our self

  • connect to the love, light and peace of the Divine Feminine

  • live freely expressing the sensual, creative, strong, loving, empowered, gentle, sexual and spiritual woman that lies within us.

  • heal our menstrual cycle – physically, mentally and emotionally

  • walk an easy path in harmony with our femininity, our cyclic nature and our physical changes, and ease our transition into post-menopause

  • feel that our body, our womb and our femininity are beautiful and sacred whatever its form.

For more information about the Worldwide Womb Blessing:

For more information about the Worldwide Womb Blessing Community and bookings contact me.

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