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Energy Clearing & Realignment

Caludia van de Kamp
Private Sessions

In an Energy Clearing & Realignment Session, I connect with you on an energetic level, reading your energy field and feeling into your body. Together we go on an inner journey through your body so that you can reconnect and remember its amazing wisdom.

Because that's what it's all about. About REMEMBERING and RECONNECTING.

We explore where there are blockages, where it doesn't feel good or where your body is in pain, where you might not feel anything at all and what issues, emotions or patterns are connected to it. 

Behind these lie your inner treasures. We will dig these out so that they can come to light and transform. Because that is exactly what they do as soon as they are looked at, felt and integrated.

Your energy field is cleared so that the dense and heavy energies of physical and emotional blockages can be released from your system. 

Your spine plays an important role here. The spine is the foundation that supports us. It is connected to all organs and energy lines and is involved in all regulatory processes in our body. We owe our stability and flexibility to it as well. 

Like our entire body, it stores all the unprocessed experiences we have made in life. In this life and in previous lives. 

Through the energetic realignment of the spine, which does not require touch, many physical and psychological complaints can be relieved and resolved.

It is also an awakening and realignment into your pure being. The person you are without the old patterns, beliefs and attachments.


I show you practical ways to reconnect and realign with your body and its inner knowing, to ground yourself and find balance that you can use in everyday life so that vitality and ease return and you can approach new steps and changes with courage and confidence and remain centered even when faced with challenges.

Many people share that they notice changes on many levels after a session. Less pain, less restlessness, improved mobility, better sleep, more focus and energy, more lightness and joy. Courage to take new steps and an EXPANSION INTO YOUR PURE BEING.


Sessions are available both in person in Corfu and online via Zoom.

For more information, availability and bookings: 
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