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Divine Light Transformational Healing

Private Sessions

Divine Light Transformational Healing is spiritual and energy healing that channels Divine Feminine unconditional love and light into your body and energy fields. Its primary focus is on spiritual evolution. It can lift you from a life that's out of balance into a life of freedom and joy and awakening. It can heal physical, emotional, mental or spiritual imbalances, illuminate your life path, recalibrate your body and energy fields, bring you into optimal well-being, health and vitality so you can fall in love with yourself and your life again.

Your transformation may involve healing trauma, soul retrieval, correcting false negative beliefs, clearing past lives, mother/father/ relationship influences, cutting chords, removing hooks or negative entities, clearing negative karma, ancestral curses, rebalancing your energy fields, illuminating soul lessons, resolving complex timelines, clearing, cleansing, illuminating, purifying, coaching and anything else that is needed. A series of sessions can be life-changing, causing paradigm shifts, awakening experiences and bring you closer on your path to ascension.

"Unconscious patterns wreak havoc in our lives and perpetuate imbalances and struggle. The grace of the Divine Feminine, psychic intuition and metaphysical maps illuminate the root of the problem and transform it into a higher order of being," says Swan Montague the originator of this system.

I channel Divine Light Transformational Healing from the island of Corfu to anywhere in the world using Zoom. In Corfu the St Michael/Apollo ley lines cross with the Artemis and Athena ley lines and the whole island radiates light. This  greatly enhances the power of the Divine energy transmissions. I am very grateful that the Divine Feminine chose me as a channel to transmit this light to the earth.

For more information read an article I wrote for Kindred Spirit magazine:

Gratitude to my teacher Swan Montague, spiritual teacher, mystic and leader.

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