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Crystal Healing

Lea Meridjen
Private Sessions
Group Sessions

Crystals are high frequency beings that have been moulded and formed over millions of years by

the great Mother Earth.

They occur more frequently on the Ley-Lines, the energetic channels of the Earths physical body.

Therefore they are deeply connected with nurturing supportive earthy energies, while being transmitters of information from other realms beyond the physical manifestation of energy.

“Crystals provide a gentle, non-invasive form of healing that co-operates with your body’s inner healer, a repair mechanism that brings things back into balance. Working through vibration, resonance and colour, crystals heal holistically and dissolve dis-ease in body, mind, psyche and spirit.” (Judy Hall, Crystal Healing)

Lea offers deeply transformative healing sessions with carefully selected and lovingly cared for

high vibration crystals.

Each session is a journey where you will be guided to the roots of your energy blockages and you will be lead through the process of release.

With this specific method, you will learn how to reconnect with crystal healing capacities in your own self-empowered way and be able to re-apply your new gained knowledge anytime with your own crystals.

After a crystal session you will experience crystal clear clarity in body, mind and Soul and a deep sense of harmony and balance is restored throughout your entire energy field.

Weekly Group Sessions : Crystal Activation

I will guide you through a meditation with crystals that activates and deepens your connection with them.

After the meditation you will be able to work with crystals more intimately and more profoundly in your own personal way.

The group process also allows us to work on collective subjects and bring healing and transformation across the crystal grid.

Since we are living on a Leyline, the work we do can transmit widely.

Contact for days and times.

For more information, availability and bookings: 
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