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Aquatic Bodywork for Adults and Babies

Sophia Michalopoulou
Private Sessions

We've all been born. Birth impacts all of us for the rest of our lives.

While immersed in warm water we can safely, gently and naturally revisit, re-member and integrate our birth experiences and latent memories stored in our bodies in order to restore a deep sense of trust in life and in ourselves.

Aquatic bodywork offers a vast ocean of possibilities to deepen inner process on many levels.

While immersed in warm water we are able to soften, open and access deeper imprints stored in our bodies.

By simulating a womb like environment warm water facilitates a remembering within our embodied

selves which reaches the time we were immersed in amniotic fluid as developing embryos.

“By becoming aware and sensitive to the impact our birth journeys have on our own quality and value in life we can more consciously prepare for and support what is essentially the embodiment of spirit into form.”

With Water

Sessions with water rather than just in it can take on many forms: in the sea, in a warm pool, in the bath or even just a bucket of water. Water is the natural container for life to grow and develop in. Water ensures the safe and gentle transition of spirit into form as well as for the assimilation of our spirit consciousness into our physical bodies.Water supports our fullest potential by providing a multidimensional space for us to explore, expand and learn in. It has been proven, for example, that babies who learn in water have better learning capacities at school in later years.


Sophia Michalopoulou has combined many different aquatic modalities including Water Dance, WATSU, Healing Dance, Integrative Aquatic Therapy with David Sawyer, Swimming Education for Trauma, Special Needs, Access and Inclusion, infant and baby swimming, freediving and is certified monofin instructor to explore water’s incredible capacity to re-connect us to more of who we are.

Sophia is also a pregnancy and birth doula supporting the entire birth journey with water. She works with babies, pregnant couples and adults in most containers of water including the bath, pools and of course the sea. You may book individual sessions, classes in person or online or participate in one of her transformational summer learning or experiential retreats.

Some of her services include:

* Remembering Warm Water Therapy Sessions

* Our Birthstories on land or in water

* Baby bath and newborn aquatics

* Baby swimming

* Baby massage

* Preparing to Conceive

* Pregnancy and Birth Preparation

* Water Birth preparation

She also develops workshops, classes, conference presentations and educational resources to promote awareness and understanding of the multidimensional needs of future babies and their families.

For more information on her Pregnancy & Natural Birth Services visit this page.

For more information, availability and bookings: 
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