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Aquagenesis: Pregnancy & Natural Birth

Sophia Michalopoulou
Private Sessions

Preparing for Pregnancy & Birth 

Are you pregnant or would you like to be? 

The ways you choose to prepare for your pregnancy and birth will create ripple effects that continue for the rest of your, your babies, your family's and our collective lives on this beautiful blue planet Earth.

When babies arrive safely into this world feeling seen, heard and acknowledged the more they are able to remember who they are, to be their authentic selves and to manifest who they have come to be in this precious life.

I use mindful and natural ways to prepare your body, mind and soul for the miracle of life. While I also support women, men, couples and families to become conscious parents and guardians to our future babies.

Pregnancy and Birth Doula

Birth from your baby's perspective.As a doula, my role is to hold space for you physically, emotionally and spiritually, to guide you through the important choices you will need to make for the first time so that you feel safe and empowered from within.

My awareness and knowledge of the entire birth journey as a perinatal therapist allow me to inform our connection with a deeper understanding of what the birth journey looks and feels like from your baby's point of view.I specialise in supporting the entire pregnancy and birth with water which makes your whole pregnancy feel like a sacred and conscious continuum. 

A natural out of hospital water birth is a powerful and sacred experience for all involved.For a professional assessment of your options in Corfu, for my capacity to support you online or to travel to your home locally or abroad, please book a free chat with me.

With Water

Sessions with water rather than just in it can take on many forms: in the sea, in a warm pool, in the bath or even just a bucket of water. Water is the natural container for life to grow and develop in. Water ensures the safe and gentle transition of spirit into form as well as for the assimilation of our spirit consciousness into our physical bodies.Water supports our fullest potential by providing a multidimensional space for us to explore, expand and learn in. It has been proven, for example, that babies who learn in water have better learning capacities at school in later years.

I specialise in:​

Water births

Newborn baths

Baby swimming

Water Happy preschoolers

Warm water therapies

Overcoming fear of water

Open water mermaiding

For more information, availability and bookings: 
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