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Alchemy Massage

Private Sessions
Alchemy sessions for clearing blocks on your path to Ascension and align you to your highest divine blueprint.

Alchemy is about shifting your consciousness into a higher frequency so that you are in alignment with who you want to be and the life you want to live. 

Infuse your ascension process with light frequencies from higher dimensions, cosmic healing codes from star nations and activations from ancient healing temples aligning you with your highest divine blueprint and the new earth.

Alchemy massage sessions upgrade your consciousness and frequency while you relax. An initial consultation is essential. Before your massage I calibrate your frequency in the areas you want to see a shift.

Massages happen in a field of light and joy and are operated by my alchemy teams. They encode my hands with what is needed and guide me throughout especially during the first part of the massage. Although you may not see them you will probably feel their effects as they clear the energy fields, then recode and activate your energy matrix. Then I anchor and seal the alchemical work into your body through professional holistic bodywork that brings you into calm peaceful relaxation, embodiment and a lighter, higher vibration.

After the massage we re-check your measurements and you can take away a tangible record of the results.

To transform deeper seated imbalances a series of sessions without massage are recommended. See my entry on Alchemy Upgrades.

Sessions last 2 hours including a short consultation, energetic as well as physical massage and checking the results afterwards.

I trained in different forms of holistic and sacred energy massage from 1997 and alchemy massage since early 2024. Special introductory rates are available until 3rd June when I finish my training.

Gratitude to my teacher Dominique Mali, master creative alchemist.

For more information, availability and bookings: 
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