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Andreea Bezdedeanu
Private Sessions

ACCESS BARS - Individual Sessions 

(60 min or 90 min session, or 3 session pack )

      Is a HANDS-ON, relaxing & dynamic, HOLISTIC Therapy, that uses a gentle touch to Unlock & Activate 32 Energy Points, or BARS, which correspond to head meridians, which store the electromagnetic imprints of all the Thoughts, Memories, Feelings, Emotions, & Considerations that are locked into our Body & Subconscious Mind.

      It begins to CLEAR & OPTIMIZE the POVs, Limitations, Conclusions, Ideas, Perceptions, Beliefs, Judgments & Projections, stored in our Consciousness, that limit us & prevent us from ACCESSING our Unlimited Potential.

      ACCESS BARS help with: eliminating stress & mental agitation, relieving anxiety, panic attacks, depression & physical pain, reducing overwhelm, removing fatigue, lightening negative & limiting thought patterns, enhancing mental clarity, focus, awareness, relaxation, joy & gratitude, deep & quality sleep.

What if you could experience more JOY in your Life again? More FREEDOM?

Relief from any stress you might have stored in your Body?

To LET GO of anxiety, fear, and worry?

To Invite more EASE, FUN & MIRACLES into your Life?

The BODY is such a POWERFUL vehicle, holding so much WISDOM inside of it & being the BRIDGE to our Subconscious Mind/Emotional Body & as well the Innate Healing intelligence that we all have Access to.

The moment it can fully Relax & the Energies to FLOW freely through it, that's the moment when we can tap into our unlimited POTENTIAL & let ourselves INBody all that we are, the Infiniteness that we are, the unlimited AWARENESS, POWER & POTENCY of our Eternal Being.

    When the BODY Relaxes the Energies can FLOW freely through it, allowing us to tap into our unlimited POTENTIAL & INBody the Infiniteness that we are, the unlimited Awareness, Power & Potency of our Eternal Being.

    All that we NEED is stored within ourselves. We just need to REMEMBER Who We Truly Are & ACCESS our unlimited POTENTIAL!

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