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Wisdom of Water, Plants and Prayer

~ Part 1

14 - 20 June 2024

You will learn ancient ways to alleviate common ailments which may manifest either physically, emotionally, or spiritually in the body .

This class is open to all. You’ll experience how to use water, plants, incense, and prayer in spiritual baths and in your daily life. You’ll have the opportunity to experience your own daily spiritual baths, with time for contemplation and processing in a supportive environment. Open to those from all faiths and belief systems, you’ll gain a deeper connection to the natural world. The week will culminate with a sacred Maya Primicia ceremony.

This class is contraindicated when you are pregnant!

You will learn:

How to alleviate common ailments which may manifest either physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

Common spiritual disorders known in Central America as:

◦ Susto – Fright

◦ Pesar – Grief

◦ Ojo Caliente – Hot Eye

◦ Mal Ojo – Evil Eye

◦ Coraje – Anger

◦ Invidia – Envy

◦ Tristessa – Sadness

How to recognize and support:

◦ Soul Loss

◦ Astral Fragments

◦ Night Terrors

Grounding exercises.

  • Ancient prayers from Don Elijio Panti, Maya Shaman.

  • How to use common healing plants like rose, marigold and basil.

  • How to perform your own spiritual bath and offer them to others.

  • How to cleanse the energy of your room, house or property.

  • How to make Protecciónes (protective amulets) for yourself and others.

  • A brief introduction into Maya Cosmology.

On completion, you will receive:

Certificate of attendance.


PRICE: $1,250.00

-Your Class fee includes a 5.5 day class and a Spiritual healing Guidebook.

-Lunches and dinners for the 5 days including the first evening, and the evening of the Primicia are included in the class fees. We will also have a free day midway through the week.

- Accommodations are not included. Lodging is available onsite or nearby at an extra cost.

Your Educators: Vivian Menjivar and Eva Maria Sengfelder


Vivian Menjivar It was during her time learning Spiritual Healing, that three pivotal events took place: Dr. Rosita Arvigo and Miss Hortense, a Maya Shaman, released the baby spirit that she couldn’t let go of; she learned to believe with all her heart in the power of prayer; and learned s hecould help people with prayer, plant spirits and herbal baths. As they say, the rest is history. Vivian became a practitioner in 2000, a teacher in 2004, and has been sharing the gift of healing and helping clients and students ever since. She teaches Abdominal Therapy and the Wisdom of Water, Plants and Prayer.

Eva Maria Sengfelder is a Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Abdominal Therapist, Spiritual Healing Teacher and Teacher of the Bodywork with advanced training in Fertility and Pregnancy support and additional health and wellness applications, trained by Dr. Rosita Arvigo, Marty Ryan and Roswitha Stark.

Grown up in Germany she trained and worked as a Social Worker, moved to Belize in 1995 and trained with Dr. Rosita as a Massage Therapist, Spiritual Healing Practitioner and Teacher of her work since 2006. After taking the teacher training of the Arvigo Institute LLC in 2012 she started teaching the classes for Self-Care and the Traditional Spiritual Healing of the Maya. She is also a teacher for the Abdominal Therapy for Practitioners (ATP) 1 and 2.

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