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~ a 2-day immersion on land and in the waters

30 September - 1 October

WATER REMEMBERS is a 2-day immersion on land and in the waters of the mermaid-shaped island of Kerkyra, Greece through practices mastered by two inspiring women.

This workshop is a deepening collaboration between two Greek “women of the water” both of whom explore and specialize in their own unique ways, the potential of water to help us remember more of who we are.

༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄

“As our breath engages more deeply, we will begin to interact with each other, developing movements and sounds that create a very special intercommunication between us. This reveals endless possibilities of our floating group creativity so that we can make a smooth natural transition and dance to our internal and external waters. We will use our imagination to remember – to see, to feel, and to hear the stories these ancient waters have lived.”

༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄

As we engage our breath more deeply the more we re-member aspects of ourselves. While learning to merge with nature more fully we return to oneness, healing a primordial sense of separation from the inside out.

“While immersed in warm water I began to remember more of who I am. As I began to piece together the layers of my own birth journey, I saw birth from a baby’s perspective. Re-membering pre-birth aspects of ourselves empower our lives in the present moment while water naturally helps us embody more of our unique and authentic essence.”

༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄

The workshop starts at 10:00 am on Friday 30th September and will close at 20:00 on Saturday 1st October using the natural land and water resources available to us in Arillas, Corfu.

On Sunday 2nd October both Apostolia and Sophia will be available for individual sessions.

༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄

The WATER REMEMBERS workshop is for a limited number of people.

Apostolia Papadamaki is an internationally acclaimed director /choreographer, a certified PADI Rescue Diver, and Apnea Diver. She has choreographed Drops of Breath, the 1st underwater dance performance in the world. She has been teaching water healing and rebirthing in the water for the last 10 years, in various public and private events. She creates participatory and interactive performance rituals in significant archeological sites with her method of Anamnesis.

Sophia Michalopoulou is an aquatic perinatal therapist, a newborn and baby swimming educator as well as a pregnancy and birth doula. Sophia is also a certified mono fin instructor and opened the first mermaid school in Greece on the Mermaid Island© of Corfu. She prepares future families for the arrival of their baby on a multidimensional level.

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