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Qi Gong & Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu Retreat


1 - 8 June 2024

We invite you to a Martial Arts Retreat focused on Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu led by Instructor Thomas Croc of the Nam Yang School, open for beginners and all levels of experience.

The retreat will follow the teaching style of the Nam Yang school which has it’s roots in the southern Shaolin Chinese tradition and will include Chi Kung, Shuang Yang, Pushing Hands & Sticky Hands , Traditional Fighting, Kung Fu drills , Shaolin Weapons, Theory and Meditation.

Location : Arillas, Corfu, Greece

The retreat takes place in a unique natural setting, in the northwest of the Greek island, Corfu. We will be staying at the lovely Liana Apartments, which offers us a 70sqm high-quality air-conditioned seminar space for our practice, while also using locations in nature for different sessions.

During free time participants can enjoy the beach and explore the beautiful surroundings of Corfu. We are available to help you with information.

Daily Schedule – General Outline

3-hour Morning Practice starting with Qi Gong at Sunrise, Shuang Yang and Kung Fu

Free Time – Breakfast

1.5-hour 30 Mid-day session : Theory

Free Time – Lunch

2.5-hour Evening Practice : Kung Fu Training and Fighting Applications

Free Time – Dinner


The camp will follow in principle the curriculum of the Nam Yang Kung Fu School, which includes different classes with different focus. We will aim to have a balanced schedule every day and can adjust to the group's energy levels as we move through the retreat.

The program will be a combination of the two pillars of Chinese Martial Arts: (1) The Internal Arts classes: Qi Gong, Shuang Yang (Internal Form similar to Tai Chi), Walking and Sitting Meditation, and (2) the External Arts practice which is namely the Kung Fu classes which include Sum Chien, Tiger Crane Kung Fu technique (strikes, blocks, kicks) , interactive exercises such as Pushing Hand and Sticky Hands, and one kind of Shaolin Weapon. In addition there will be a daily session on Kung Fu Theory and Philosophy.

The training will also include workouts and stretching sessions for strengthening and elasticity. There will be time for warm-up and a cooling down/ stretching before and after every dynamic session.

All sessions are beginner friendly, and the instructor is available to assist in any difficulty of students. Kung Fu practice is always conducted in a respectful and playful way. Our aim is to strengthen our bodies/minds and have fun by interacting with each other and challenging each other.

*Massage treatments and other therapy sessions are available upon request.

The Retreat lasts from the 1st - 8th of June and includes:
5 full training days, 1 morning session, 1 evening session & 1 free day

COST: 550euros training fee

Accommodation : 300euros private room / 150 euros shared room

Accommodation on site is offered at Liana Apartments.

These are 2BR apartments that participants can share (each having his own private room and balcony) or you can reserve an entire apartment for you and your family, if you wish.

All apartments are fully equipped with:

· Kitchen with refrigerator

· Electric kettle

· Toaster

· Cooking equipment, plates, cups, cutlery…

· Shower bath

· 2 bedrooms with 2 sleeping possibilities each (double bed or twin beds)

· Wifi

· Air condition

· Balcony

· Towels

The apartments have a sea view and are located a 10-minute walk from the beach. They are surrounded by a beautiful garden that is lovingly tended by Iliana.

Meals are not included in the training or accommodation fees.

Participants can enjoy their meals at the various (seaside) restaurants in the area, or prepare their own meals in their apartment.

Akrotiri Café/ Restaurant for breakfast and other meals (open all day)

About the Instructor

Thomas Croc is a Kung Fu Instructor allied with the Nam Yang Pugilistic Association since 2017. He has trained worked as an instructor at the Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat in Thailand while also offering independent teaching through classes, seminars and retreats around the world.

Thomas’ passion for Kung Fu is rooted in his journey to find Balance , Inner Strength and Vitality through the practice. The Kung Fu practice that he teaches is an integration of Meditation and Martial Arts and leads to a more complete lifestyle where the mind and body become connected and grow together in harmony.

Since 2019 Thomas lives in Greece with his partner Ageliki and their young son Lucas and is in the process of creating an official Nam Yang branch in Greece. He offers regular classes and workshops in Greece throughout the year and 2-3 Retreats per year.

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