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North West

Corfu Buddha Hall

Offering our true Presence

~ an appointment with Life

14 - 15 September

You are invited to join a 2-days retreat during which time teachings and practices will guide us in the experience of living in peace with the present moment.

Life is available to us at any time, but we are not always there to appreciate its simplicity and beauty.

Through the simple acts of sitting, walking, listening, sharing a meal and so forth, we will be able to bring a genuine presence to all that we come in contact with, while giving rise to gratitude and kindness in our heart and spirit.


After having practiced as a Buddhist monk for about 20 years, of which more than 10 years under the guidance of Zen Master Thích Nhật Hành and the Plum Village Community in France, I have since been living a contemplative life in a secluded hermitage for more than 3 years, connected to a small Christian monastery in the mountains of South-east France.


* Priority will be given to those registering for the 2 days and before Sept. 7th.

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