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North West

Manto Retreat, Pagoi

Workshop on Meditative Archery

31 May - 1 June & 7 -8 June

The "Intuitive Archery" is the beginning. Intuitive archery offers us ONE way to put reflective thinking on the back burner, something that keeps us so busy in everyday life. The focus on the outside is the goal, many find it easier to relax mentally in activity and contemplation than, for example, in classic meditation.

Through inner stillness we realize that we are not servants of our thoughts. Our heart gets more space. The subconscious sends us messages. Again and again in silence during drawing and releasing, our intuitive abilities are encouraged. In meditation we turn off the rational mind for a while. Mental relaxation, opening, self-reflection become possible.

Feel the presence just before letting go the arrow, relaxing the fingers.

First of all, of course, we learn how to use a bow and arrow in the first few hours.

Course time: 4 – 5 hours/day,

10:15 – 12:15 and 16:30 – 19:00 (adjustment possible)

PRICE: 125 €

About the Facilitator:

Klemens Schmelter

Chairman of the Robin Hood eV Seminar leader (educational/therapeutic archery)

Intuitive archery combined with meditation

Since over 20 years Klemens Schmelter still has practice leading seminars and integrating archery and bow making in schools and clinics.

"After experience in pedagogy during my studies in Paderborn, observations in training units in intuitive archery with children and adults since 2002. The training took place with Sensei Armin Meier-Kühn, master of Shotokan and Western Kyudo."

Klemens Schmelter is the owner of the Bogenzeit (arrow/bow, yoga, dance medicine) and 1st chairman of the TBSV Paderborn and Robin Hood e.V., further education in therapeutic archery enriches his seminars. Since 2010 he use to empower the archery in therapy/education (goal: health insurance approval like in Yoga on prevention).

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