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Massage Training for Couples (or Friends)

3 - 5 September 2024

Learn to give a holistic massage to your beloved or friend.

The art of respectful and nourishing touch is a pleasure for all your senses and for your physical and psychic wellbeing. Gentle, loving touch will make you deep relaxed, it helps you to stimulate self-healing powers and to recharge your energy. Tight muscles will be released, you will feel more connected to yourself and home in your own body.


Come with your beloved partner or your friend for this 3-days training.

On those 3 days - every day 4 hours- I will show you essential massage handles for your back, neck, shoulders, arms, hand, head and face, belly, chest, legs and feet. You will train those with your partner /friend in exchange. After that you will be enable to give a holistic, soothing full body or part massage.

As a couple you can intense your realtionship in exchange of a gentle, lovingly body massage, as friends you help each other to offer pleasure and relaxation.

This massage training will be added by a theory script and a certificate.

(both in german language).


About the Instructor:

Amba Gaby

I am a licensed massage therapist since 2008 and I love to give holistic massages with presence and care. I am trained in indian ayurvedic abhyanga, hawaiian lomi lomi nui, hot stone massage, deep tissue and feet reflexology as well as classical massage and aroma oil massage. Since 2014 I have my summer time massage studio in arillas, in winter I teach all massage styles in germany. This year I will be available from 19th july to beginning of october.

Beside that I am a passionate biodanza teacher, an intuitive artist and yoga teacher.


The 3-days massage trainings will take place in Arillas on:

12.-14 August 2024

3.-5. September 2024

23.-25. September 2024

Times: every day from 10am -2pm

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