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Fluid Embrace

~ an immersive Water Therapy training

8 - 14 May 2024

In this immersive training experience, we will dive into the realms of aquatic bodywork, movement and dance. We invite you to explore the mysteries of fascial work and somatics.

Whether as a group or as individuals, we’ll venture into both water and land, discovering the transformative power of fluidity.

The training will take place in Arillas Flying Pool Project, a heated outdoor pool designed for aquatic arts. Nestled on the northwest coast of Corfu, the charming village of Arillas beckons with its crystal-clear waters, golden beaches, and serene atmosphere. Here, time slows down, allowing you to connect with nature and find solace in the gentle lapping of the waves. Arillas is a hidden gem, away from the bustling tourist crowds, making it the perfect backdrop for our transformative water therapy training.

What You’ll Experience:

Aquatic Bodywork Techniques: Delve into the art of healing touch in water. Learn new approaches that blend stillness, movement and fluidity. Get familiar with the use of props e.g. pillow.

Conscious Observation: Sharpen your awareness as you are present with the receiver and their needs. Learn how to become more efficient and find effortlessness in giving sessions.

Fascial System Unraveled: Our body’s intricate web—the fascia—holds secrets to well-being. Through hands-on sessions, unravel its mysteries.

Somatic Exploration: Immerse yourself in the therapeutic power of water. Feel its embrace as you deepen your understanding of somatics.

Practice Time: we will have plenty of time in the water to practice and integrate the material, diving deep into our own somatic experience of the therapeutic power of water.

Collective Wisdom: Sharing feedback, insights and discoveries. Harvesting with the group fosters deeper understanding.

Join us for a week of rejuvenation, learning, and magic. Fluid Embrace awaits—where water becomes both teacher and healer.


Each day we will have 1-2 sessions in the water and more activities on land including theory, land sessions, dance sessions, group discussions and more fun surprises. Out of the 7 days of the training we plan to have Monday off for resting and integration. The schedule for each day will be provided, as we get closer and will adapt to the elements and group dynamics as we go. If the sun graces us, we’ll bask in its warmth. If rain kisses the pool, we’ll either dance in its rhythm or spend some time in-doors. Let us flow, Be water is our mantra.


Dates: May 8-14, 2024 (with one day off during the week)

Location: Arillas, Corfu, Greece


-Completion of at least one prior water therapy training.

-An open heart and a willingness to embrace the fluidity of both water and learning.


Course Fee: €645 (accommodation and meals not included)

Early Bird Discount: €585 Register by March 31st .

We may offer additional optional activities that are not included in the course fee.

If you have limited financial means reach out to us and we can look into finding meaningful solutions

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