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North West



EVOLVE The Journey

~ a gathering for pleasure, purpose & possibility

16 - 22 June 2024


Being in the shade of olive trees, feeling connected to the earth, and nourished by the special green clay of this land, immersed in the azure blue Ionian sea.

Savouring sun-soaked lunches under thatched beach umbrellas, breathing in beautiful evenings, facing the mythical dragon rock, and the setting sun.

This is a time to germinate and create… new possibilities await, with connections and opportunities to express and realize what really matters to you at this gathering and beyond.

Imagine celebrating, and receiving with gratitude & appreciation the true magic of Evolve.

In the spirit of kinship, connection and possibility, come join us.


To stretch & explore…through morning yoga, Qi Gong, silent or guided meditation gently awakening body, mind & spirit and daily workshops designed to stimulate, enhance & amplify your thinking, your ideas & your imagination.

To connect & converse…with yourself, your deep desires, longings and potential, with nature and the elements, with new friends & old.

To celebrate & receive…with gratitude & appreciation the magic of Evolve, the spirit of kinship, connection, opportunity & possibility.

“It’s absolutely transformed my life, and I wish for every human on the planet to be able to experience such a heart-opening space.” Colleen

Ceremony & Celebration

Evolve is a journey to live a life of pleasure, purpose and possibility. We use Ceremony and Celebration to illuminate the way and provide the space for you to open, receive and assimilate all that is available.

Awareness Practice

Participate in Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation, and other practices to help you experience and anchor your consciousness to the land and the present moment. Sessions are suitable for all levels

Consciousness & Transformation

Till the soil of your imagination. Nurture the creative aspects of your consciousness. Travel together with others, and experience the mystery, as we grow and flourish alongside one another.

Assimilation & Integration

Enjoy space to assimilate and integrate your learnings. Soften the mind, allowing seeds of possibility from

your day to land and take root.

Conversations & Connections

Pleasure is our birthright, connection is our nature. Delight in feasting together. Enjoy delicious conversations, sharing your gifts and talents. Lift your voices and unwind on the dance floor.

Artisan & Holistic Offerings

Experience wellness and connection to nature. Visit our Notice Board to enjoy local offerings for body, mind and soul (including massages, readings and other holistic services)c



REGISTRATION on Sunday 16 June

OPENING CEREMONY on Sunday evening

WELCOME meal following the Opening Ceremony

AWARENESS sessions every morning from Monday – Saturday

Complimentary BREAKFAST is available every morning Monday – Saturday

EVOLVE THE JOURNEY workshop sessions run daily Monday through Saturday (10am – 2pm)

AFTERNOONS of freedom: lunch, siesta, sunbathing, swimming, connection with new friends or arrange a BodyWork or other session with local practitioners

EVENING entertainment includes hosted dinner conversations, music, movement & other entertainment to thrill and delight your soul



Anne K Scott

Imagination is the paintbrush of the soul

Anne’s work marries the possibility of imagination with her experience of creative technology & structure to deliver end results that matter. Anne, dedicated to beautiful crazy possibilities, lives a peripatetic life with collaborators & kin around the world. Natural Success Coach of the Year 2022 & Source of Evolve

Taylor Roark

The adventure you seek in life is yourself!

Taylor is committed to transformational change by facilitating purpose & conscious contribution in the world. Former blacksmith, corporate lawyer & renewable energy consultant, he lives life as a mythical adventure. He is Lead Facilitator (UK/Europe) for Natural Success trainings and Producer on the Evolve Team


Alison Pilling

Alison Pilling moved to Corfu after Evolve 2021 changed her life and inspired her to buy Mandala House. Mandala, a traditional Greek villa in the hills above Arillas, will be a beautiful refuge and gathering place for creative collaborations with purpose and participation. Alongside hosting at Mandala, Ali is a writer, sex educator, creator and host of The Sex Lectures, an event in Manchester that offering modern day sex education in a surprising way. Ali is interested in how we can have every day intimacy, beauty & pleasure that we define, want & feel. 

Siobhán Hanley

Siobhán is a life-enthusiast with a passion for bringing joy, love & appreciation into the world. She is the Celebrationista! & Celebration Matters is her Consultancy & Coaching business. Her corporate experience is in business transformation, her expertise is in the realisation of human potential. Siobhán is on a mission to highlight the value of appreciating and celebrating life. She works with individuals & businesses to discover magical transformational ways to Bring Celebration To Life!

Leena Horner

Leena, an Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, also trained as an Integrative Medicine Physician. Her experience as a Doctor combined with her unquenchable desire for learning & knowledge has led her to the mystery of the unknowable Universe. She moved from the USA to Corfu with her husband three years ago to immerse herself in the esoteric aspects of creating. She joins us as a Space Holder for love, magic & more.

Ghaya Khamassi

Ghaya is based in Tunisia where she works as a project coordinator on POW’HER, a program supporting women entrepreneurs. She is an aspiring writer and an adventurer navigating the boundless realms of creativity. Her passion lies in intuitive and expressive storytelling. She is on a mission to share the radiant sparkles of light she discovers along the way. She joins the Evolve Team to add her writing genius and sparkles to serve our Marketing and Communications endeavours.



  • Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork & other awareness & assimilation sessions

  • Evolve The Journey workshop

  • Evening entertainment; including conversations, concerts, music, singing and more!


Flights, Accommodation, Airport shuttle, Local transport (scooter hire from 10 euros per day), Travel insurance, Food & Drinks

Early Bird Ticket - £695 – available until 15th April or sold out.

Standard Ticket - £895 - from 15th April.

Early Bird Offer Valid Until April 15th or Until Sold Out!

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