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Corfu Abundance Yoga Retreat

5 - 12 October 2024

Find strength, presence, silence, community, relaxation:


What could be more natural than to draw on the rich diversity of yoga in this wonderful place: the northwest of Corfu, the sound of the waves, the warming sun, the lush nature, the Greek hospitality with delicious food and enriching encounters - in this environment you can regenerate and gain strength, come to yourself.

In the morning an invigorating yoga practice with dynamic - activating elements, in the late afternoon it's more calm - restorative, both sessions enriched with different breathing and deep relaxation techniques and meditations from different traditions - so you combine powerful elements that strengthen and ground you with relaxation, bring your energy, body and mind back into balance. Gratitude and joy grow in the presence of all the abundance that surrounds you. As a beginner, you will gain valuable insights into the diversity of yogic practices and can use this as a basis to establish a regular practice for yourself. As an advanced practitioner, you will vary your exercises and become more refined in your alignment and awareness, gain new experiences as lasting inspiration that you will take with you from here. The small group of 4-8 participants intensifies my individual support. Language will be English and/or German depending on the group.


10 yoga sessions of around 90 minutes with a completely free afternoon allow you to immerse yourself intensively and also have enough time to explore and enjoy the surroundings.


 You will live in a beautiful new villa with a saltwater pool that offers amazing views of Arillas Bay with its breathtaking sunsets. All 4 double rooms have their own bathrooms and air conditioning, the house has a fully equipped open plan kitchen with a living room and a large terrace where we will practice.


A healthy vegan breakfast together in the house with muesli bowls, fruit, juices or smoothies is included, as is a vegan/vegetarian dinner in the restaurant upon arrival and farewell. In between, you have the opportunity to explore the local taverns or use the villa´s kitchen to prepare food. I'm happy to give you tips on how to spend your free time in and around Arillas and I'll also help if you want to rent a car, scooter or e-bike.


For years I have been magically drawn to Corfu and being here. I am trained in very different yoga traditions, classical and contemporary, and based on these foundations I create my very own mixture of asana, pranayama, mudra and meditation. Roots in the Sivanda tradition and an enthusiasm for Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga and yoga therapy shape the asana practice, which is rooted in contemporary movement physiology (Ashtanga Yoga Innovation), along with elements from my experience as a breathwork and meditation facilitator. Sometimes gentle, sometimes powerful, flowing and calm, a colorful, rich yoga buffet is created in which you can experience yourself mindfully by honoring your uniqueness in your very personal expression. There is also the option to book individual massages and yoga therapy with me. Yoga mats and props are on site.


Birgit Prochnow

Holding degrees in fine art and teaching I decided to follow the path of Yoga when more and more mats started appearing in my studio. This journey kept leading me back to beautiful inspiring northwest Corfu over the past 9 years, spreading my love of Yoga at festivals and in open and private classes, finally becoming more settled there recently.

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