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North West

Ouranos Club

HOMECOMING ~ a 7-day Kundalini Yoga Retreat

with Timea Simranjot

17 - 24 September 2022

For this year I wish for you and our community with all my heart: the homecoming to ourselves.

To our true self, to our roots, to mother earth, to basic trust, to wholeness, to our hearts & back to the soul. You do not need to believe in your undying nature, nor in the ancient deliverers of the teachings into the present day. You will encounter all of this through feeling. Your body is the vehicle for it, the sacred soul temple on this unique journey - called life. And whatever wants to be received from you, or is also gently and peacefully ready to go, carried by a highly sophisticated and yet very simple technology, always connected to the golden chain of its ancestors, it can happen easily. You don't need any experience, just feel being called. You, we all are always guided, in unison, in love & harmony, to lightness & joy, to simply be.. home.

With grateful anticipation, Timea Simranjot

Our Retreat location: * Ouranos means sky in Greek. The Ouranos Club in Arillas is located on a rocky plateau - so close to the sky - with the vast sea on both sides! Long sandy beaches with crystal blue water, picturesque old mountain villages and Greek hospitality characterize the area. The delicious fresh food is vegetarian, partly from our own organic cultivation.

Retreat costs in Euro: * Retreat participation: 555 / early bird discount: 444 until August 17th * Special offer: bring someone with you and receive a 200 discount on your retreat participation. * Accommodation with vegetarian half-board and transfer from/to the airport from: 540 depending on the room category

Daily Routine

Saturday 3 pm - Arrival / Check-in at Ouranos Club

5 pm - Welcome greeting 7 pm - Light dinner 8 pm - Gentle Yoga

Sunday 8 am morning meditation 9.30 am Breakfast

11am Hike & Lunch Excursion

2 pm Free time 7pm Dinner 8:30 pm Kundalini Yoga

Monday 8.30 am Yoga and meditation 9.30 am Breakfast 11am Group hike on the Arillas Trail

5 pm Regenerative Kundalini Yoga

7 pm Dinner

Tuesday 8:30 am Kundalini Yoga 9.30 am Breakfast 11 am Excursion to Corfu Town (min. 8 participants)

7 pm dinner 8 pm Mantra meditation & gong with Petra

Wednesday 8.30 am Yoga & Meditation 9.30 am Breakfast 12 am Beach day 7pm dinner 8.30 pm Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

Thursday 8:30 am Kundalini Yoga 9.30 am Breakfast 10:30 am Free time 7 pm dinner 8 pm Yoga and Mantra chanting

Friday 8:30 am Yoga 9.30 am Breakfast 10:30 am Free time 5 pm Regenerative Kundalini Yoga

7pm final dinner at Akrotiri Restaurant

Saturday 8:30 am Meditation

9.30 am Breakfast

10 a.m. Check out

Private Session with Vision quest and Yoga Coaching | Hath Healing Massages | Diary & Refection | Horseback riding on the beach to the end of the retreat | Boat trip to neighboring islands | Local Shopping and Dining | sunbathing | Mountain biking & more!

Facilitator: Timea Simranjot

I started practicing Kundalini Yoga 8 years ago and was given the name Simranjot as part of the Teachings. My dear parents call me Timea. In 2013 I completed the basic teacher training with Rama Kaur in the Shunia Center Cologne and the ANS in France with Satyavrati Singh. This ancient technology, art and science has never become monotonous for me to this day, rather I grow in it and thus more and more deeply into my true purpose, at least that's how it feels. Today I call it my path of healing, because this path was also my salvation at a quite critical turning point in life, and immediately the chance for a new beginning - cultivating a conscious and loving interaction with myself and my environment. And so I fnd my way back to my heart every day through yoga, meditation and the sacred sound current, and from there I enjoy taking actions and decisions guided by intuition. One of the best things about it is being able to share my path with other people. I am infnitely grateful for that. In addition to my almost 10 years of work as a group companion, I also completed training as a Kundalini Yoga Coach with Guru Gian from the Netherlands at the beginning of 2020, in order to be able to work more specifcally with people in a 1to1 context to implement their visions, carried by yoga. In 2016 I have not only took part in two Healing Hands seminars in Cologne with Lakhmichand Singh from Madrid, I also organized them. Since 2019 I have also been cooperating with the Global Sisterhood ( to host sister circles on each new moon. It is a great gift to pursue this wonderful profession and to organize my second intensive Kundalini Yoga week here on the enchanting island of Corfu.


Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is called the Yoga of Awareness. It is a powerful technology, that brings your infinite spiritual self together with your finite human self. It is an all-encompassing yogic practice that assists you in awakening your connection with Divine love, your human potential, your creative essence, and brings balance and strength to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

The term Kundalini originates from ancient India and in Sanskrit means, “coiled snake”. Kundalini itself is an arising divine energy that has been coiled at the base of the spine since birth. It is made up of positive life force energy that surrounds, flows, and brings life to every living thing.

When your Kundalini energy awakens, it begins to travel up the base of your spine and through your chakra centers. When this energy movement happens, it brings a heightened awareness to your mind-body reality of your divine connection happening within, as well as unblocking trapped energy flow throughout your body and chakra centers.

Kundalini Yoga was originally kept as a very secret and sacred practice of the science of energy and spiritual based philosophy. It was Yogi Bhajan who brought the teachings to the United States in 1969. His mission was to make the teachings available for everyone so they could prepare for the significant changes and challenges they would face in the Aquarian Age. (Aquarian age is predicted to be from 2012-2000 years from now.)

Kundalini Yoga is not a religion. It is a universal, non-denominational yogic path for anyone who desires to learn skills and practices that can assist them in dealing with the daily stresses and challenges of life. Also, it helps you build a spiritual platform of strength and well-being for your soul’s creative potential. Now I’ll guide you through some of the technical parts of this yoga such as the white clothing, mantras, mudras, breathing exercises, kriyas, and meditations.

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