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Translator of the Soul



In 1993 Youvan had her first meditation, bodywork and coaching experience in Arillas and desired to live a life in the sun and by the sea, as well as to support people in their personal growth.

On Bali she did the training in Rebalancing, on Lanzerote she learned Tao Massage and completed the sports massage license. She studied Reiki in Costa Rica and in Cologne she was trained as a coach for relaxation and body awareness ( inner child work, co-dependency in relationships, trauma and abuse, family constellations according to B.Hellinger). In addition, she did an online training as Interpreter of the soul.
Besides all this she expresses her creative side as Youvan Häkelfrau, creating unique crochet fashion and accessories.

Her soul knew the way and now she has made her dream come true and l(i)oves WHO she really is. As a highly sensitive student of Course in Miracles, almost 30 years of experience in massage and body & energy work, she now offers her gifts as an "Interpreter of the Soul" and dives deep into your soul, because your soul always knows the way.

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