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Contemporary Dance - Rythm & Flow


Paraskevi Terzi

Paraskevi Terzi is a greek dancer, artist, choreographer and teacher that has also studied History-Archaeology and Dance Therapy .She has worked with kids and adults in Greece and in Germany. In Berlin she founded the dance collective Somanauts, where she introduced her method of dance as an evolutionary tool that connects dance with nature , its elemental forces and rythms .Her approach integrates tools gained by her extensive studies in various contemporary and traditional styles, as well as breath, sound and movement practices.Her work is influenced by cultures and ages where dances are used as an essential element of socialization, communication and transition from one stage of life to another.

Since 2019 she is living in Corfu, engaging with the community, creating dance circles, performances and workshops. This is also where the retreat "Secrets of the Soil" was conceived, a quest for personal and shared common roots of humanity, in order to communicate with the hidden parts of ourselves.

Her vision focuses in finding the amalgam between the greek artistic ,poetic, spiritual, psychological tradition and the indigenous traditions .

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