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Alchemy Upgrades



As a student in 1989, I started exploring meditation and Eastern philosophies. I became a journalist in London in 1995, then while travelling from 1996 to 1999, I had an epiphany on a beach in Mexico and I retrained in holistic massage, reflexology, pranic healing and reiki.

My spiritual questing began in earnest in 2001 when I attended my first conscious dance class back in London. Since then I’ve taken part in countless workshops and trainings, satsangs and healings and these have all helped me to grow and develop as a person and practitioner.

In 2019, after years of working as an intuitive counsellor, somatic trauma therapist, dance teacher and tantric priestess I gave up my comfortable life and flourishing business following the guidance of the Divine Feminine. I left England on a spiritual pilgrimage through many sacred sites in France that illuminated me greatly.

The latest addition to my healing repertoire has been re-membering my passion as an alchemist in a past life. My coaching, therapy, teaching and healing is now steeped in experiential knowing and direct communion with the Divine. I am guided and supported by alchemic, cosmic and personal spirit teams from other realms. I hold sacred space with safety and compassion, see your true potential, and support and challenge you to step into that.

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