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Shamanic Practices & Consultations


Anna Aayar

Anna is a devoted student of the Mother Earth and the Grandfathers stars
and all the mystery in-between.

Since her youth she entered many different fields of consciousness
through visions and dreams, which later became her inspiration in the music and guided her to the path of the earth medicines.

Since 2015 she find herself at the sacred altar of the master medicine
plants and ancient traditions of indigenous people. Her big teachers are medicine of the vision quest, sweatlodge (temazcal, inipi), siberian
drum and mexican moondance.
Since then she began to support the work of indigenous elders, who
preserve ancient traditions to nowadays. In this way she could learn and
have the insight into their art of healing.

Anna is fully committed to the path of transformation, self knowledge
and re-membering us as One human family tribe. Also she is a mother of
two beautiful Stars.

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