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Tibetan Bowl Massage & Gong Sound Bath


Alex & Kaushalya

We met in 1999 and since that meeting we travelled together through many different musical projects and many different places.
Our vision has always been to make music which has a therapeutic effect on the people who hear it. This vision has led us to a variety of beautiful instruments and sounds. We use Singing Bowls (Tibetan and Crystal), we play Monochords, play and make Ocean -and Frame Drums and we often introduce other holistic instruments when the feeling is right. We developed our own "GongSPA" style, inspired by the existential psychology approach for the relaxation, meditation and healing.The foundation of lots of our music is the Gong. The Gong is an incredible tool for transformation.
We learned about the art of gong playing from the great master Don Conreaux - A Yogi Bhajan disciple.
We did a course in Music Therapy with EMTA (Estonian Music and Theater Academy).
We are very glad that our story has crossed your path, we hope you enjoy our music and that we all continue to discover more about the healing power of sound.

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