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Past Events


 Qi Gong & Shaolin
Kung Fu Retreat with 
Thomas Croc

April - May 2022

A 10-day intensive training in the form of a retreat on Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu in northern Corfu, Greece. 

Aquatic Therapy Training and Retreat with FlyDeeper Institute

 Aquatic Therapy  
 Training and Retreat  
 with FlyDeeper Institute

December  2019 -  January 2020

A deep emersion in Aquatic Therapy through a 3 weeks retreat at the Natural Hotsprings in Pai Thailand.

Chi Nei Tsang (Abdominal Massage)  Training

 Chi Nei Tsang 
 (Abdominal Massage) 

20- 24 November 2019

Chi Nei Tsang , traditional Adbominal Massage from China, taught by renown senior therapist Pi Jem Thanachon. 

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