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Central Corfu

Casa Lucia

Thanatology - 5day seminar with Rosemary Wallace

~Graceful Living a Threshold into Dying

30 June - 4 July 2023

Nothing, it is said, teaches us more about living than dying : but if so,

isn’t it odd how little we face up to death : and isn’t it odd

that modern societies, which appear so keen to find meaning in the business of living,

push death to

the periphery, minimizing our contact with it and sanitizing its impact !

The purpose of the seminar is to discover, to learn through investigation,
to discover within the self the barriers and fears associated with death and dying
~ the fears and barriers we create living each day.

we will inquire into ~

ritual and its purpose

the philosophical aspects of death attitudes and beliefs arising from religion

our own mortality

death and dying reflected in the arts

near death experience ~ life after death ?

hospice ~ palliative care

personal reactions with regard to specific ways in which death occurs

ethical controversy regarding euthanasia ~ abortion

the needs of the dying

practical aspects ~ funeral arrangements ~ living will ~ do not resuscitate

we will tell stories

there will be quietude

an exploration of life, of the self : a time of reflection into the issues of death and dying

each day ~

we will welcome silence, experience quiet reflection, dialog, inner inquiry : ponder expectation and conditioning

we will consider our own death and the death of our loved ones: we will inquire into being with others

in their final days of living

we will inquire into the social, ethical and spiritual implications, regarding the physiological and

psychological effects on the body regarding loss, stress, fear, disbelief, isolation, anger, bargaining,

pain, grief, sorrow, depression and despair

we will watch movies and talks as a resource to inspire , to motivate, to astonish, to surprise

the role of a thanatologist in an eclectic world

inquiry into the social, ethical and spiritual implications, regarding the physiological and psychological effects on the body of loss, stress, fear, disbelief, isolation, anger, bargaining, pain, grief, sorrow, depression and despair.

can the progression of an illness be affected by one’s fear of death? can exploring our fear of dying, help heal all fears? what is fear? death and dying reflected in the arts, in culture and throughout conditioning.

inquiry and study into the application of gentle hands on techniques: facilitating the release of accumulated stress and of tension : melding into relationship with the fluids and flows of bodily systems, with particular reference to cerebral spinal fluid and of the matrices of the fascial system: reduction of high fever and the alleviation of acute pain may occur during or for some time after ‘session’ time has been completed.

particles of matter - atoms - elements - molecules - cells - tissues - organs - cardiac rate – lymph flow – respiratory rate – cerebral spinal fluid flow - the nervous system ~ the way in which we touch, hear, smell, see, taste, react, fear, emote, memorize, think; causes an effect, causes change in each of these bodily functions, movements, senses.

these issues are among many that will be open for dialog and inquiry.

- WHEN and WHERE --

Training dates: 30 June -4 July 2023

Accommodation is offered from 29 June to 5 July

Location: Casa Lucia, Sgombou, Corfu

How to get there: Fly to Corfu International Airport

-- PRICE --

Residential price: 860 euros which includes tuition, 6 nights accommodation in shared cottage (2-3 people per cottage)  and Lunch.

Non residential price: 650 euros  (includes tuition and lunch)

Camping option: 10or 15 euro per night (depending if you bring your own tent or rent one there) 

*** Prior to this course Rosemary will also be teaching the Integrated Craniosacral Biodynamics Level 1( 6 day-course) from 22 June to 27 June at the same venue. More information here.


Rosemary has a passion to motivate, to inspire, to facilitate.

She presents the study programs in an uncomplicated workshop format. Her facial expressions, unorthodox descriptions of bodily movements and the ability to side step answering most questions are renowned!

Her very special quality of listening to life and to a kaleidoscope of beings, plus the quality of her presence are already a gentle and smiling invitation to perceive from a different perspective, ourselves, others and the environment in which we reside in the universe.

She travels the globe as an itinerant facilitator, sharing her deep, gentle and passionate knowledge of the fluid flows and tides within the systems of the body, to those who wish to listen and learn through inquiry ~ laughter is always an integral component of all presentations.

As a thanatologist, Rosemary has been privileged to work in hospice and hospital environments and with individual families as their loved ones approach their final days of life. The application of Integrated CranioSacral Biodynamics, gentle touch in this setting, is profound.

Visit her website for more information:

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