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North West


Sufi Inspired Retreat

with Feeling Sound

19 - 23 September

“Somewhere beyond right and wrong, there is a garden. I will meet you there.” Rumi

Feeling Sound’s “SUFI INSPIRED” retreat calls for a turning inwards with heart-focused sound and Sufi practices as a tool for self-development. Discover the mantra’s, songs and writings of the Sufis, such as Rumi and Kabir, to help us to let go of old sorrows into deep relaxation and wonderful whirling.

Singing Zikhrs we become Flying Hearts, together into deep meditation, singing, chanting (and whirling), following the footprints of the Sufi teachings and the beauty of Rumi’s poetry. Become an instant dervish, even just for a moment...

Seekers of direct experience of grace and connection through the heart meet in Arillas in the company of Igor & Arianna, at the new Music Farm. Igor spent 18 years with the Sufi Order founded by Indian musician Hazrat Inayat Khan, a western Sufi group meeting yearly in the Swiss Alps.

Some of the themes of our Sufi Inspired retreat: - Mantra, Zikhr, Trance and the repetition of sacred sounds - Toning, one note, one world: focus on one note at a time - The healing voice: expressing our emotions - The inner Shaman: wounded healers coming together - Bio-energetic movements from Qi Gong, Karate, Yoga ... - Free the body and you free the voice: breath, movement and relaxation - The magic of singing when the voice comes from the heart

We will have 3 hour morning sessions and 2 hour evening group sessions with plenty of time to discover beaches, lie in a hammock or get a massage.

WHEN SEPT 19 - 23 Recommended arrival at least a day before the retreat: Sept 18 2022. Departure Sept 24, or take some days for individual session, enjoy the island, a boat trip...

Arianna & Igor love to laugh about the deepest things, to sing about anything, to feel deeply and talk lightly, to have an experience together with people who feel like they do: becoming human beings takes an effort, and we are willing and able to take the leap!

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