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North West


Overtone Special

- a 3 Day Voice Retreat

22 - 24 August 2022

“Singing Overtones is an inner massage as well as a voyage to the stars”

The singing techniques of overtone or diphonic singing, also called vocal harmonics, go back to traditional shamanism, creating a magical double sound in the voice: a very high whistle-like melody appears in our voice above the fundamental note. We learn how to use our voice to break up these harmonics into specific sound frequencies.

Feeling Sound’s “OVERTONE SPECIAL” retreat focuses on the Art of Vocal Harmonics in a three-day intensive voice quest at the new Music Farm, discovering the positive healing effects of learning vocal harmonics on our system.

Sounds rich in high-frequency harmonics charge the brain with energy, By learning to sing overtones you will start to resonate deep inside your body, and expand your listening capacity. Practicing vocal harmonics while connecting to our physical, emotional and mental states is essentially a shamanic practice.

Our main themes: - Overtone singing, the use of vowels to create vowel harmonics - Toning, one note, one world: focus on one note at a time - The healing voice: expressing our emotions - The inner Shaman: wounded healers coming together - Improvisation or how to trust what is emitted naturally - Intuitive sound diagnosis better listening through harmonics - Bio-energetic movements from Qi Gong, Karate, Yoga ... - Free the body and you free the voice: breath, movement and relaxation - Mantra, Zikhr, Trance, and the repetition of sacred sounds - The magic of singing when the voice comes from the heart

We will have 3-hour morning sessions and 2-hour evening group sessions with plenty of time to discover beaches, lie in a hammock, or get a massage.

WHEN AUGUST 22 - 24 Recommended arrival at least a day before the retreat: Aug 21, 2022. Departure Aug 25, or take some days for n individual session, enjoy the island, a boat trip...

EXTRAS In the days around the retreat, treat yourself to an individual sessions with Igor (Voice Coaching, Soundmassage) and Arianna (Lomi Lomi massage, Bach Flowers, Emotional Healing Process), as well as from other therapists present in the village.

Arianna & Igor love to laugh about the deepest things, to sing about anything, to feel deeply and talk lightly, to have an experience together with people who feel like they do: becoming human beings takes an effort, and we are willing and able to take the leap!

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