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Corfu Buddha Hall

Myofascial Energetic Release Training with Satyarthi Peloquin

Module IV - Releasing and Balancing the Face, Cranium, Neck, Breath and Arms

17 - 22 October 2022

  • Learn about spatial relationships of the segments of the torso (spatial medicine).

  • Treatment of the fascial network of the breathing structures.

  • Learn four soft listening techniques for breath release.

  • Learn how to treat shock and trauma of the breathing structures.

  • Learn a comprehensive treatment plan for neck, elbow, shoulder, wrist and hand pain.

  • Learn to work with the face and head. Incorporating a treatment plan for headaches and jaw pain.

  • Learn the functional anatomy of the myofascial system of the breath , arms, face and cranium.

  • Learn to treat the liver, lungs and stomach. Learn about the motility and mobility of the viscera.

  • Learn to work effectively with Frozen Shoulder, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, TMJ (jaw pain) and headaches.

Many upper body conditions stubbornly persist despite conventional bodywork techniques. In Module IV you will learn a comprehensive methodology to work with the neck, breath, arms and face. You will be introduced to the psychology of these areas and how to work with and catalyse the body’s natural trauma releasing abilities using breath-work. A 5 point understanding of working with the autonomic nervous system and emotional release will also be taught.

You will skillfully master how to educate clients about the psychosomatic sources of pain and how to work with the most common pain syndromes of the upper body.

Module IV will include a review of rotator cuff anatomy, palpation of the rotator cuff muscles and related structures.

The chest and diaphragm are often overlooked as primary contributors to back and shoulder issues. As the source of our breath and our taking in of life, these core muscles are often tight, constricting breathing, energy flow, and movement.

We learn and review simple but powerful methods to release the diaphragm, sternum, and ribcage, creating a noticeable opening right away, and helping clients to breathe twice as deeply with half the effort.

You will receive techniques to release the muscles and fascia of the hands, thumbs and forearms to increase mobility in the corresponding joints and releasing the forearm muscles to effectively liberate the shoulder.

This workshop is a part of the Myofascial Energetic Release 7 - Module Training.

You can start the MER Training with any of the modules as all modules (except for the Advanced module) can be taken in any order.


Teacher Satyarthi Peloquin

Founder of Myofascial Energetic Release Training

Satyarthi Peloquin has been a professional bodyworker for over 47 years. Over the past 41 years, he has trained and taught over 10,000 people worldwide, many of whom are now full-time bodyworkers and /or teachers of various methods of bodywork.

Satyarthi’s career began as a professional dancer in San Francisco, during which time he put his body through rigorous training and intense physical work. Satyarthi found that only bodywork brought relief and release to his taut, aching muscles, and was so taken by this discovery, that he began to learn and practice massage therapy in 1970. By 1971, having trained in Postural Integration and giving sessions regularly, he realized that bodywork was his true calling and passion.

Over the next few years, he studied Structural Integration Acupuncture, Shiatsu, and Meditation. In 1976, Satyarthi arrived to study at the Osho Commune International in Pune, India, where he continued to work with numerous teachers of various bodywork methods, including Alexander Technique, Neo-Reichian Therapy, and a diverse range of leading edge therapy techniques.

Satyarthi was gifted the opportunity to provide regular bodywork sessions to the enlightened Indian mystic, Osho during his stay at the commune. Osho is renowned for teaching students that the mind, body, and spirit are one interconnected organic Unity. In working with Osho, Satyarthi attained a new, multidimensional connection to his work and myofascial training with his own students.

Satyarthi gathered his vast knowledge gained from the study of human anatomy along with the different healing schools, modalities, methods, and techniques to co-create a new system of bodywork that is internationally renowned-Rebalancing.

Satyarthi’s insatiable curiosity and passion moves him to walk the cutting edge of scientific and human development discoveries to provide a deep, clear understanding of the body’s structure and multi-dimensional functions. Myofascial Energetic Release (MER) is an unprecedented, comprehensive and deep bodywork method to engage chronic and acute pain throughout the entire body by focusing on the root cause of pain-soft tissue spasms. Satyarthi simultaneously treats the physical symptoms empowering his clients with awareness of the emotional and psychological attitudes and behaviours causing and aggravating their pain.

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