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Deep Roots

Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu Workshop

8 - 9 October 2022

A 2-day workshop on Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu. This seminar is focused on grounding and stability.

During this workshop you will learn to connect with your roots and the roots of others.

The focus of the first day will be to grow your roots and work on our stance.

How do you hold your ground ? How you do allow forces to pass through you? and how do you use external forces to your advantage?

The second day we will shift the focus towards another's root system. By learning how to up-root (lift) somebody we learn how not to be up-rooted.

How do you move somebody heavier than yourself ? How not to move when somebody stronger wants to move you ?

How to strike using your roots ?

The program includes Pushing Hands, Partner Stability drills, Stance work, Chi Kung Exercises, touch sensitivity drills and more.

Our stance and connection with the earth is literally our foundation, it is the most important aspect of Kung Fu training and of a balanced life.

A Tree that has no roots cannot weather the storm and will collapse. Likewise a person whose mind and body is not anchored and rooted will more likely fall when faced with difficulties.

Rooting gives us power, strength, confidence and calmness. In martial arts our strikes become more powerful, our responses to attacks calmer and more contained. We learn to keep our balance.

Likewise, in life our presence becomes calmer and stronger.

Having experience is not necessary.

Everybody of all fitness level are welcome. The workshop is on donation.


Dates: Saturday 8/10, 10am - 12pm Sunday 9/10 , 10am - 12pm

​Location: Arillas (exact location to be shared privately)


Instructor: Thomas Croc

Thomas Croc is a Chi Kung, Kung Fu and Meditation Instructor, originally from south France. He has been practicing and researching Martial Arts since 2010, starting with Karate as a fiery teenager and transitioning to the more soft and subtle arts of Kung Fu in his later years. In 2017 his journey brought him to the Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat School in Thailand, where he spent 2 years living and practicing daily with Master Iain Armstrong, a legend in the Kung Fu world. Thomas is specialized in Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, which is very complete and includes Soft and Hard Chi Kung (Qigong) practices, the White Crane Internal Form,Tiger Crane Combination Kung Fu, Shaolin Weapons, Meditation, Theory and Philosophy and more. The Kung Fu tradition of the Nam Yang School originates from the Shaolin Monks of southern China, which was preserved through the Communist Rise in China by a few Masters that fled to Singapore. Thomas is devoted to preserving and passing on the Shaolin Arts in their authentic form. He offers the possibility to learn the Arts in classes, seminars and intensive retreats. Thomas lives on Corfu and offers regular classes as well as intensive Retreats where students can immerse in the daily practice of Chi Kung and Kung Fu. He still travels to Thailand to meet his master and deepen his understanding and practice in the Ancient Arts. To learn more, visit his webpage

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