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North West


Decoding the Voice Retreat with Feeling Sound

20 -24 June 2022

Feeling Sound’s “DECODING THE VOICE” five day retreat is all about developing our vocal freedom, range and depth. In our first retreat of the season, we will be exploring the scale of human emotions through experimentation and observation of our voices. We will discover incredible energetic possibilities for transformation of our bodies, hearts and voices.

We will dive into the ecstatic feeling of freedom that the voice can give us, also taking a good look at the shadows and hidden emotions inherent in our individual expression. Dr Hawkins’ Map of consciousness will help us on our way from shame to enlightenment.

Some of the themes : - The healing voice: expressing our emotions - The inner Shaman: wounded healers coming together - Improvisation or how to trust what is emitted naturally - Toning, one note, one world: focus on one note at a time - Overtone singing, the use of vowels to create vowel harmonics - Bio-energetic movements from Qi Gong, Karate, Yoga ... - Free the body and you free the voice: breath, movement and relaxation - Mantra, Zikhr, Trance and the repetition of sacred sounds - The magic of singing when the voice comes from the heart - Inner child and inner parents - Enemy or Animal: from imprisoned anger to liberated power

We will have morning and evening group sessions with plenty of time to discover beaches, lie in a hammock or get a massage. A Singing Circle as closing of the retreat on Friday evening, open to outside participants, provides us with the exhilarating experience of singing together in a bigger group. The retreat is held in English.

WHEN JUNE 20 - 24 Recommended arrival at least a day before the retreat: June 19th, 2022 Departure June 25th, or take some days for n individual session, enjoy the island, a boat trip...

EXTRAS In the days around the retreat, treat yourself to an individual sessions with Igor (Voice Coaching, Soundmassage) and Arianna (Lomi Lomi massage, Bach Flowers, Emotional Healing Process), as well as from other therapists in the village.

Arianna & Igor love to laugh about the deepest things, to sing about anything, to feel deeply and talk lightly, to have an experience together with people who feel like they do: becoming human beings takes an effort, and we are willing and able to take the leap!

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